Black lives matter DOESN’T matter to some black lives!

What is Black Lives? Does Black Lives Matter? Do you believe all life matters or that life matters in general?

It may seem like on the surface that the movement Black Lives Matter and its protests are true and good in nature but we know that only God is good. When we are obedient to what He says when He says to test every spirit to see if that spirit has come from God then that is when you will notice that the Black Lives Matter movement is not of God because the fruit that is produced year after year from it is death and leads to death to anyone who trusts in that movement.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is apart of the great deception in these last days and is using people that do actually love life and fair treatment of all people while feeding the mouths of those who love death and sin and it is those types of people regardless of skin color, if they love sin and death they will lie and say they love life and that they would die and fight for life but they do not love life. So do not be deceived because not everyone who says Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter really believes that life matters. It is through the pride of life that they only see that their life matters and no one else’s which is why you see destruction abound in this movement every both physically and spiritually.

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