Can Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Can I celebrate Valentines and still be a Christian? Is it a sin to celebrate valentines day?, these questions and many more like them focus on the history of Valentines Day and the knowledge that is presented and commonly associated with Valentines Day. But to really answer that question: “Is it a sin for a Christian to celebrate Valentine’s Day you have to first see if you are of the faith of Jesus Christ who is God who is also love. The world defines love as love but anything coming from the world is lusts. When you have been saved by Jesus Christ by believing in Jesus that He died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and you believe that He was buried in the tomb for three days and on the third day He is now at the right hand of the Father in Heaven than you would believe in God’s definition and demonstration of love and when you believe you would also be in Christ and Christ in you teaching you how to love one another just as Christ loves us. You won’t be troubled with wondering if you are in lust or celebrating lust or a holiday against God because the Holy Spirit will guide you on how to celebrate life everyday in Jesus regardless of a holiday in this case, Valentine’s Day. Our Father will cause you to not lust or sin against Him and will show you how to love Him and to love others, but when a person does not believe in Jesus they believe in the world’s definition of what love (is not) which again is lust; and they celebrate lust on Valentine’s Day and everyday through their disobedience to God and their obedience to the lies of the devil the god of this world.

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