Did Muhammad know Jesus | Was Muhammad a Prophet of God?

Did Muhammad know Jesus? Was Muhammad a Prophet of Allah or of God? Was Muhammad a false prophet? Was Jesus a prophet?

When you read the revelations that were given to believers of Jesus that came centuries BEFORE Prophet Muhammad was born and before Muhammad received revelations you will see that people that believed in Jesus gospel and who believed in His testimony believed in the gospel that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of everyone in the world, was buried in the tomb for three days, and on the third day rose from the grave and is now at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. But centuries later the claim that a man named Muhammad was given revelations about how Jesus did not actually die on the cross for the forgiveness of sins but that someone else was placed in Jesus spot and made to look like Jesus and that person died instead.

Well this is a false gospel. God’s Word is preserved and does not change and neither does God change (Isaiah 40:8) and yet Muhammad claimed to have new revelations different from what was said about God before and that changes the Word that was revealed to people before Muhammad was born while claiming to also be a prophet like all of the prophets of the scriptures who actually DID NOT change God’s revelations and Word which is why all of what they wrote (during different time periods were all the same revelations).

This is why what was written about the prophets before Muhammad was included in the same bible (meaning collection of books) and the Quran was not included to include other texts claiming to be Holy such as the Book of Mormon. Arabs before Muhammad heard and received the gospel at Pentecost and they believed meaning they believed in Jesus and therefore they were saved and went to heaven for Jesus says when you believe in Him you will have eternal life and not perish.(John 11:26) Yet Muhammad claims that you must believe in him and his revelations which cancels out telling people to believe in Jesus. Even John the Baptist who Jesus said no man born of a woman is greater than John…pointed to Jesus to listen to and according to Jesus is greater than Muhammad and yet Muhammad is still believed or Jesus while not knowing Jesus and never receiving the gospel like the Arabs that came before him.

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