Muhammad Was Not The Last Prophet, God Didn’t Even Speak to Muhammad

Ever asked the question is it Jesus or Muhammad that you should follow? Is Islam false? Was Prophet Muhammad the last prophet? Was Jesus more than a prophet? Was Jesus God or was Jesus the Son of God? How can Jesus be God and the Son of God? If you have these questions it is wise to go to the only One who has all answers and understanding and that is God above, because you and I can not receive understanding about God and His Creation when we go to people and this is why God the Father sent His Son Jesus to relay the message that when you believe in Him then you can get to the Father to get understanding and to have your questions answered but centuries later, a man believed by many to have revelations coming from “an” angel of god spoke to a man named Muhammad and many people today prefer to listen to Muhammad calling him the last prophet instead of listening to Jesus who the Father in Heaven literally says to listen to but never said to listen to Muhammad nor did God ever speak to Muhammad…an “angel” did.

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