White Privilege and White Guilt is a Lie!!!

Lies are not going to be politically correct (according to the Truth which is Jesus) but will be politically correct (according to the culture of the world).

Lies do not discriminate but when you attach a lie to a person and they believe IN that lie then they act out that lie because their perspective would then be “rooted” in the lie producing fruit from the lie and one of the many fruits or lies that comes from a bad tree is the lie of white guilt and white fragility where the “white” man is condemned for being white and clumped into a group of other people who are defined by people as being white.

The sins of one man who is falsely defined by the color of his skin and who may be a bad apple is then placed in a basket of apples that may not be bad. Someone who walks by and judges by sight and their flesh can unrighteously judge all of the apples in that basket as bad apples when only one is bad and guilty while the rest of the apples may be good apples and guilt free. This is how it looks like when people judge someone as black and guilty or evil and when someone judges someone as white and guilty and evil…notice the only context that changes is the color used in the sentence, but the fruits that we are supposed to judge of someone is not the color of their skin BUT IS THEIR WORKS!

People who judge unrighteously are people that condemn others as they are already in most cases, self condemned, and so they would be acting like and doing the desires of their father the devil, which is sin and unrighteous judgment because no man that belongs to God delights in practicing unrighteous judgment or condemning their neighbor…they would be too busy loving God and loving their neighbor.

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