Let Your Yes Be Yes And No Be No

Stop Chasing After Men And Women | The Myth of the High Value Man Woman

God’s Children Don’t Go On Sinning

Don’t Let Satan Catch You…

Just Hold God’s Hand To Know His Plan’s For Your Life

These People Treasure the Word of God

These people trample on the heart of God

Psychics, Mediums, Tarot cards Will DEFILE YOU!!!


God is NOT moved by your emotions!!!

TRUTH Behind Why “Black Lies” Don’t Matter

Please PROTEST how BLACK LIES doesn’t exist!!!

WHY PRAY for others?!

Spontaneous Worship or Devil’s Deception?

Unveiling Devil’s Deception- Spontaneous Worship at Asbury Revival

Do THIS to find TRUTH on the ASBURY University REVIVAL

Salvation in Islam_ DO THIS NOW and you will be SAVED from HELLFIRE MUSLIM!!!

Black lives matter DOESN’T matter to some black lives!

What REALLY GOES ON During Black History Month

Did Muhammad know Jesus | Was Muhammad a Prophet of God?

Muhammad Was Not The Last Prophet, God Didn’t Even Speak to Muhammad

The Fear of Man For the Black Man Doesn’t Exist

White Privilege and White Guilt is a Lie!!!

Can Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Does Jesus name mean salvation in Islam?

Eat the meat, Spit out the bones

The Lie of Productivity

Don’t Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day

Jesus Death, Burial, and Resurrection Is More Important Than His Birth

Are You Preparing Your Children For the Anti-Christ or Jesus Christ This Christmas

Allah permits lying under conditions but Jesus teaches you must believe in Him and repent of lying under any conditions to enter Jannah

Be angry, but sin not

A Way the Devil Got People To Believe He Doesn’t Exist

The Deception of the Self-Help Movement

Pride is blinding but is also painful

Jesus is not celebrated during Christmas by the world

Are You An Anti-Christian?

What woke really means

Ep 1- Did King James Write the Bible

But It Sounds Like Gospel…? Series EP. 1 | It May Sound Like Gospel, But Is It the Gospel You’re Listening To?

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